Учим английский, арабский и другие языки: PUNCTUATION IN BUSINESS ENGLISHThe main rules of using the full stop:
1. At the end of the sentence;
2. After initials or some shortenings:
viz. – videlict – а именно;
i.e. – id est – то есть;
per., pro., p.p., p.pro. – по поручению;
ref. – reference – ссылка, индекс документа;
Co. – company – компания;
e.g. – example gratia – например;
p. – page – страница

Do = the same
Inc – incorporation (AE) – инкорпорация;
No/Nos – number(s) – номер(а);
Para/Paras – paragraph(s) – параграф(ы);
Dr – Doctor – доктор (ученная степень);
Mr/Mrs – господин/госпожа;
Abt – about – относительно чего либо;
Ltd – limited (BE) – частная компания с ограниченной ответственностью;
Encs – enclosures – вложение, приложение;
PLC – public limited company (BE) – открытое акционерное общество;

The full stop isn’t used in shortened names which are frequently used (the USA, the UNO, GB – Great Britain, UK – United Kingdom, CA — Canada, FR – France, IT – Italy, G – Germany).

The full stop isn’t used in shortening of the currency (RUR – рубль, USD – американский доллар, GBP – британский фунт, CAD – канадский доллар, JPY – японская иена, SK — крона, UH – гривна).

The main rules of using comma:
1. is used in writing date:
2nd May, 2012 – BE;
April 8, 2013 – AE;
2. is used in inner address – at the end of every line, between the house number, street name – AE:
The Brown Electrical Co.,
26, Exton Square,
London, W.C.3.;
3. is used after introductory words (BE – Dear Sirs, AE – Gentlemen);
4. is used in the letter:
• in the sentence with enumeration;
• in the sentence with management (обращение – Good morning, Mr Smith);
• to single out the words – however, therefore, also, by the way;
• after subordinate clauses or infinitive constructions which precede to the main cause;
• after complimentary closing – заключительная формула вежливости – Yours faithfully, B. Brown;
• in numbers to separate the thousands from millions — $ 184,355,001.

Carrying over the words to the next line
(Перенос слов на следующую строку)

1. Prefix, prefis + root (корень слова), root may be left on the line:
Sub-ordinate, con-nection, fall-ing, pleas-ure, mis-understand-ing, alto-gether, recon-sider;
There are words with 2 or more consonants (согласные буквы) – begin-ning, if 3, 1 on the one line 2 others on the other one – accom-plish;
2. You can’t carry over the words which have only 1 syllable (слог) – through, 2 syllables – about, invoice;
3. It’s impossible to carry over the proper names (имена собственные) or separate initials from family name (фамилия);
4. It’s not recommended to carry over the date, numbers, money sums or foreign words if you don’t know how to pronounce the word properly.

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