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Работа в ОАЭ: Secrets of employment from an experienced JobNJob ConsultantI was fortunate to interview Mr Khalid Jamil — an experienced, versatile and highly motivated professional who supports and enhances Human Resources initiatives by driving results and delivering against key organizational goals. Keen ability to collaborate with various departments to understand business objectives and identify corresponding Human Resource needs including recruitment.

As a recruitment consultant, he acknowledges that the core of career is the relationship one forge with his work in person. He helps candidates in finding suitable jobs and clients in selecting the best candidate for the vacancy; in other words he facilitates matchmaking to make both ends meet with desired suitability. He is fortunate to have talent acquisition experience by virtue of 20 years experience in employees’ management, administration, inter personal skills and have an eye to pick the individuals’ traits to match the employees with suitable job. MHis strength is building long term relationship with business associates and clients. And today Mr Khalid Jamil will answer some of my questions that interest many job seekers, exclusively for «InDubai» project.

— Many young people dream about their perfect job. The first challenge they faced with is CV writing. They try to find proper information in Google or just ask their friends who already have a job. The informative abundance bowls them out and as a result young people make a lot of mistakes. Mr Khalid, please, tell us about the most common CV mistakes and how to get the brilliant resumé in a simple way?

— CV must have a good interface. It should be made with various software techniques available now in computers so that your CV pop out and appeals to the eyes. Secondly CV must be brief not beyond two pages as the recruiters do not have much time to read it, on the average each CV do not get more than two minutes in the initial scanning for review and short listing. Subsequently further short listing do take a little more in depth review. But must understand that if it is not been selected in the first go it may be selected again. So interface makes that difference and than how easy it is for the recruiter to read and review it from various angles. There is no set formula to write a CV that is standard for all purpose job hunt; but it has to be adjusted and amended with each job that you apply for.

— The second challenge is the cover & the reference letters. Do recruiters read the recommendations & the cover letter and take them into account or it is just a formality?

— In the initial review the covering letter in most cases is not read, but when it comes to subsequent short listing and compare and contrast within already short listed CVs, it does make a huge difference. As a covering letter is, in fact, the crux of the candidates experience and skills in short and how effective candidate is in actually highlighting his strengths and skills to make it a potential candidates. Recommendations are also considered at a later stage of short listing if those are directly related to the job applied or to weigh the candidates' skills on job.

— In case of the successful selection of candidacy, the next step is the interview. Pick up TOP 3 things that really count during the Job Interview according to its type – Skype, Telephone or Personal interview. What are the most horrible mistakes that jobseeker can make and how he/she can handle it?

— It would be very difficult to lay down the order of priority for a interview in a standard form; as specifications differs for each job and are in accordance to the requisites enlisted by the employers. Candidate may focus on their general impression, appearance in a well professional outfit more so good and effective communication generates good impression on the interviewer. Answers should be brief and to the point. As more to talk more open and undefined areas one leave for further discussion. The focal point of interviewer is to highlight the positive and negative traits of any candidates with marking system to standardise the selection system and make fair decision that is justified for a final selection.

— What are the habits of the successful jobseeker?

— Habits of a job seeker cannot be specified as there is a varied requirement in diverse work environment and each time it has to be different as per the vacancy. I would just say focused CV made for a particular job and follow up to get the updates.

— A huge amount of graduates complain about the fact that education didn’t prepare them for a workplace. They have great knowledge of their subject matter but still don’t know how to apply education in the practical manner. Are there any advantages of being fresh graduate while searching a job? How person can get a job without appropriate or even any work experience?

— Education is the knowledge factor and it does help the application factor in the field. There are certain technical fields where the students do have practical experience of work; whereas in most cases it’s not possible to practically go through each possible experience during the course of study. If one has been vigilant and attentive during the study there won’t be a problem in adjusting at work place. I would say when you change your job still you have to adjust from one work procedures to another. Similarly when you come out of your theoretical age towards application age that is field work there will always be new things and work environment now days are multi dimension and work and business strategies keep changing. Focus must be more flexible and adaptive to adjust in the environment and keen to learn new things.

— If we are talking about the Middle East, UAE for example, how should look the perfect jobseeker’s CV? How to impress interviewer at the first job interview in the UAE? What is the specificity of the UAE recruiting?

— There is no such formula that works for individual countries for job seekers. One has to be sure about what job he wants to work and which is the right field where he would love to work. If your work is what you want to do, you would love to be doing that and that is the key to success at all levels. The earlier you find it out the better it is and there are no short cuts for success, each candidate has to go through it step one at a time. If you know what you want to do rather than exploiting an opportunity to get a job as it is available, you will be more successful. There are graduate programs to the starters in each country but when it comes to a dream job one has to gain some experience first to be a successful candidate for a job.

— Thank you Mr Khalid Jamil for your time and consideration.

— I hope it would do, stay blessed and be focused in life. Kindest regards,Recruitment Consultant — Khalid Jamil, Job N Job (UK) Ltd.

I hope this information is helpful. Wish you luck in job searching, Yours Truly — Marika Polskyh.
Работа в ОАЭ: Secrets of employment from an experienced JobNJob Consultant

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