Sheikh Hamdan launches the #MyDubai campaign on social media

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Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, launched an initiative through his twitter account (@HamdanMohammed) to create an autobiography of Dubai.

He invited both residents and visitors to contribute to the project by submitting their pictures and videos through social media by using the hashtag #MyDubai. Contributions can be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The year-long project encourages people to capture the real-life dynamics of Dubai and share the most compelling moments they experience.

According to Sheikh Hamdan’s tweets, the main goal of the project is to show the world the true picture of life in Dubai, the beautiful lives of its inhabitants, the emirate’s unique identity and culture that lie beneath the urban and technological advancements. He tweeted:
“Dubai is not only about skyscrapers and towers; it has a unique identity and lifestyle #MyDubai.
“I invite all residents, visitors and lovers of Dubai to participate in #MyDubai and share their photos and videos.”
The photographs and videos submitted by people on the different social media platforms will be evaluated by a specialised team.
Новости ОАЭ: Новости: Sheikh Hamdan launches the #MyDubai campaign on social media
They will then curate people’s contributions and use them across different platforms, such as at international exhibitions or to inspire art installations, films and books.

In an official release, Sheikh Hamdan said:
“In the fabric of Dubai there are more than 2.1 million stories — the individual lives and experiences of all those who call Dubai home. A city’s story is created by its people and as we look towards a prosperous future, it’s time to join together and show the world how 2.1 million people can create one remarkable story. Together we will create the world’s first autobiography of a city.”
Sheikh Hamdan launched the project with a short video of himself on Instagram. The video had over 22,800 likes within an hour of going live. He wrote:
“And here is my first post...I will continue to participate and share #MyDubai with you throughout the year.”
The #MyDubai project gives the residents an opportunity to share with the world the exciting, diverse and remarkable lives they lead.

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